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Kenya: Public servants earn pay increase this month

By Claire Hunt - 04 Jul 2012 5:48am

Junior and middle level civil servants have been given a pay rise ranging from Sh1,291 to Sh24,080 a month.

The beneficiaries include cleaners, messengers, executive officers and professionals between job groups ‘A’ and ‘T’. The increase takes effect from July 1.

Excluded are super earners such as permanent secretaries and those who were recruited from the private sector.

It was not immediately clear how the pay sits with the new system where salaries and allowances for public officers are under the mandate of the Public Service Remuneration Commission.

The increase is of between 17 and 22 per cent. The increase was factored into the budget Finance Minister Njeru Githae presented to Parliament last month.

In a circular dated June 25, Public Service Permanent Secretary Titus Ndambuki said the increments were designed to restore harmony in the public service pay structure.

The document, ‘Re-Alignment of the Salary Structure for Civil Servants’, stated that the new pay took into consideration government’s ability to meet to new costs.

In the new salary scales, the lowest paid worker in Job group ‘A’, subordinate staff including cleaners, will receive a 16.9 per cent increase — from Sh7,619 to Sh8,910.

The highest paid civil servant in that category will have their salary go up from Sh8,039 to Sh9,420.

Although he welcomed the increments, Union of Kenya Civil Servants secretary general Tom Odege said the average 17 per cent was inadequate to meet inflation rate.

“We expect the government to think of starting other salary negotiations as soon as possible,” he said. Mr Odege said civil servants still remained the lowest paid workers in public service.

The increases is for basic salary only and allowances such as housing and transportation remain unchanged.

Lowest earners in job group ‘G’ — clerical staff, store keepers and librarians — have seen their salaries increased from Sh10,717 a month to Sh12,510. The highest earners in the grade will move from Sh12,416 to Sh16,080 a month.

Fresh diploma holders who entered the service at job ‘H’ and were earning Sh16,692 will now start earning Sh19,323 from this month.

This represents an increase of Sh2,631, or 15 per cent. The highest earners in the job group will now take home Sh24,662 compared to Sh20,289 previously.

In the current civil service structure, however, most diploma holders and technical staff are in job group ‘J’ and are set to earn between Sh24,662 and Sh29,918. Previously, their salaries ranged between Sh21,304 and Sh25,895.

The least paid staff in job group J will receive a raise of Sh3,358 (15.7 per cent) while the highest paid worker will receive an increment of Sh4,023 (15.5 per cent).

Graduate staff in job group ‘K’ will receive an additional Sh4,697 – to earn Sh31,020 this month. The highest paid graduate in the job category of ‘K’ will receive Sh41,590.

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  1. what about teachers???. was the public service remuneration commission involved. ??

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