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What is the kneeling on rice punishment?

What is this punishment? I know you lay rice down and kneel on it. But how long are you supposed to do it? And does it hurt?


    Thats turrible . I’m guessing it hurts if its a punishment…..and idk how long but I’m guessing as long time-out ? lol .


      Nononono, rice is for pussy’s. Get some salt and put on the front of your hand, then get an ice cube a keep it placed on top of the salt.


        thats a old southeren puniushment. My parents whenever they acted up as kids, had to kneel on rice for a few minutes. my friend dared me too one time and i did. it hurts, but its not like excruitating pain. more unconfrotable.

          ǝƃıɐd ʎqqɐ

          It’s annoying and makes your knees red and sore for a while. I’ve never done it, but I’ve heard about it. Apparently kneeling on grits is worse, and it’s a more common punishment in the south, at least in the past it was. I’m assuming it feels like kneeling on floor that has sand on it, which I’ve done sometimes at the beach and it definitely doesn’t feel good. It’s not searing pain, but after a long time (half hour-2 hours, or however long the punishment is) I think it could hurt pretty bad.


            Its an old southern punishment where parents make their kids kneel on rice or grits or something. I hear it hurts like hell. Them deep southerners are crazy…

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